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Welcome to our home for the exploration of sexuality and spirituality! We’re Kink and Consciousness, a long-term married couple exploring the assimilation of traditionally taboo sexuality and expanded spiritual consciousness..

We’re all about looking at (and sometimes playing in) outdated mores of sexuality, embracing and considering them from the perspective of powerful, conscious individual and relationship growth. Tantra? Sex magick? Sometimes; however, we believe that ALL forms of sexuality, when done in a conscious manner, can help support us getting to the “next level”; even some traditionally considered dark, taboo, and even “deviant”… like BDSM.

SOooo… come along on this journey with us, as we play a bit in the shadow AND the light… and see how they can actually be one and the same. There’s no judging here, just exploration and consideration!

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Bridging the gap between spirituality and sexuality, while exploring "pushing one's limits" to support the expansion of one's consciousness. More about Consciousness...

The Yummy

Our perspectives and experiences on pushing sexual and spiritual boundaries into new understanding.

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