We’re here to bring complementary perspectives together – from our long-term marriage together and here, now, as “Kink” and “Consciousness” – with the aspiration to remove the shadow and shame from sexuality, bring it to light and re-incorporate it into conscious evolution, expansion, and empowerment.


About Kink

About KinkKink is open to all kinds of creative and intuitive conversation and debate, as long as it’s driven towards progress and not just to prove a point. He’s never been a great rule follower, especially if the rules are not applied across all boards and evenly. Kink enjoys discussing social morés and many topics related, but not limited to, sexuality and consciousness. His effort is to help expand one’s world and mind to make greater changes within, and help others see things in an awesome new light through open and frank discussions. He loves the simple question of, “Why?”

His goal with this little part of the Internet is to have a safe place to openly talk about virtually anything related to sex, sexuality, and consciousness and how they relate to each other. He believes there is no one “right” answer to any topic, because answers are as varied as each individual and couple. To him, this is a quest to continually learn, experience, and see the world through different perspectives.


About Consciousness

About ConsciousnessDedicated to spiritual expansion by professional trade and throughout life, Consciousness also understands the importance of sexuality as a huge, important part of evolution and enlightenment… one that has been generally scoffed at, ignored, and skillfully buried in the cultural (and religious) shadow of shame and guilt. She also focuses on completion, on the re-assimilation of yin and yang within… which is a huge part of how we embody sexuality of the Self and with others. She fully believes it is a huge doorway to accessing the Divine within when the energies are used consciously in any shape or form. She also believes it can just as fun and “juicy” as it is sacred… and enjoys this exploration together with Kink.