As my birthday was last month, Kink decided to give me quite the “birthday task” – to attain 54+1 (for good luck) orgasms in 1 week! It actually bled over into 8 days; that in itself was inspired LOL!

I’d been talking with others I know about this, and in a snarky moment, I’d said that I’d started to have Dr. Seuss-esque sentences in my head about all of the orgasms. Someone I knew said I should write a “Dr. Seuss poem” in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, which was yesterday, March 2nd.

SOOOOOooooo…. here you go… for pure enjoyment and fun! (And yes, though tiring, there was a LOT of enjoyment and fun completing this “task”!)

My special Sir
Caused quite the stir
Giving me, his sub
This task for my nub…

54+1 O’s
For my birthday week show.
Could I really do it?
How would I like it?
I had to get in the flow
When he said, ready, set… GO!

I started on the bed
With the toy that’s red
Then in the chair
And on the stairs.

While I worked
(That caused a smirk)…
And in THAT chair
7 times… It was easy there!

In the car
And while seeing stars
At the store
I had 2 more!

I could do it, yes I could
I few days in, I knew I would!

On the phone
And on my own
In the woods
It felt so good!

In the park
And in the dark
With toys of hue
Black, silver, blue.

Of course, with a cock
My favorite rock!
While I sang
And with a bang.
Back to the bed
3 more ahead!

It was a LOT
Though plenty hot!
I did more O’s here and there
I realized I could do them almost anywhere!

In the tub
While I rubbed,
In the shower
With wand power.

In the loft
On a rug so soft
On the couch
While I crouched.

In the bedroom chair once more
(And that was multiples… 2, 3, even 4…)

The best were, of course, with my Sir
While he watched when they occurred.

In my cuffs
I liked it rough!

With his touch
While I clutched
And bucked and moaned
When he postponed.

I HAD to be ALMOST there!
I’d been having O’s everywhere!

The last day came
7 left to go!
My Sir had planned us quite a show
Extended scene, with lots of play
To ensure I finished without delay.
5 left, now 4, 3, 2, and 1….
And OH… that LAST one, FINALLY done!

I did it; my birthday task complete!
55 O’s; quite a feat!

I thank my Sir for such a gift,
The challenge gave me quite a lift
To know that whether here or there
I love to have O’s anywhere!



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