A few weeks ago, in (Full Body) Orgasms as Energy Clearings, Step 1, I talked about how to pull orgasm energy up and through the body. Have you been practicing? I hope so! (If not, follow the link above to the article, go through that, and get on it! Then come back to this post in about a week of practicing…)

Personally, ever since I found out how to utilize orgasms productively, it was a natural progression to connecting this practice with energy clearing… and even intentional manifesting. Subsequently, since Kink and I started our exploration into BDSM – where he will edge me extensively and then let me explode into one orgasm after another… after another… after another… you get the point –  WOW… talk about clearings and manifesting! It’s crazy how powerful it is! I feel GREAT after one of those sessions!

The Core Chakras

If you haven’t heard of the chakra system, it’s basically the blueprint and keys points of how and where energy flows through the body. The picture here show the flow of the main line of chakras, which are aligned up the spine and out the top of the head.

I’m not going to go in depth on the chakras; I found a great article here on Healthline if you need a quick tutorial; it has a great basic explanation of each chakra and what kind of physical ailments can arise from the blockage of each particular chakra. For the purposes of this post, I’ll just list the main chakras for reference; starting at the bottom (which is represented as red), they are:

1 – Root (red)
2 – Sacral (orange)
3 – Solar plexus (yellow)
4 – Heart (green)
5 – Throat (blue)
6 – Third eye (indigo)
7 – Crown (violet)

We’re most often originating an orgasm from the root chakra; if we don’t do anything intentional with that energy, it will simply disperse. When we pull that energy up along this spinal column, it pulls that freely flowing, Divine orgasmic energy through each chakra, clearing a path as it goes!

I prefer just letting the energy flow through the entire column with the intention to open up all of them. To do this, when you feel the orgasmic energy coming on, take deep breaths into it, and think to yourself, “I allow.” Intentionally open yourself further (which often is the opposite of what we want to do, which is tense up). Then, as the orgasm starts, breath slow and deep, and in your mind’s eye, as you’re pulling the orgasm up through your body, start at the root and see and feel each chakra being filled and saturated with the energy, clearing out anything that is blocking it or keeping it closed down, and allowing the energy to move to the next, do the same, to the next, do the same, etc. Yes, it’s quick… but effective! Once the energy has finished moving through you, simply breathe deeply and let it all sink in, saturating all of it.

As you get practiced at it, you can direct the energy to a blockage you might be having. Stomach pain or issues? Direct the energy to stop and really hone in on the solar plexus (3rd) chakra. Headache? Pull it up to the Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th) chakras to open up the energy (this is a GREAT headache relief method!). The list goes on…

Get the drift? This is a simple way to start! As you get more practiced, you might set a manifesting intention based on your energy, and then focus the clearing and setting of the energy in the related (or all) chakras, repeatedly for a bit. Then, see how things progress!

In the previous post, I talked about practicing by yourself at first… this is because of this new kind of focus, so you don’t get distracted with a partner! Once you have it down, it’s easier to maintain presence with your partner while also allowing the energy to be directed and intentionally cleansing.

I will tell you, since Kink and I started practicing edging and forced orgasms, this practice just gets more and more powerful and productive for me! Even moreso… when he has me bound and I can’t physically move when I’m having an orgasm, doing this packs even more of a punch when I can’t kinetically release it outward through movement, as the energy surges through me and REALLY saturates the physical body through those points! Explosive isn’t even close to the word for that experience!

So, give it try; get practiced, and see where it takes you! And report back; let me know how you’re doing, and if you have any questions, in the comments below!

Have fun with it!









~ Consciousness


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