Orgasms are incredible; they’re EVEN BETTER when we utilize them as tools of consciousness and energy clearings!

What’s there NOT to love, right? Letting go as that sweeping wave of  ecstasy just takes us away…

What if you did MORE with them? What if you allowed them to fill your  entire physical body, AND clear out your energy body, too?

You can call it tantra or whatever you want… and you can use it in your sexuality as part of your consciousness practice.

There are many ways we clear energy in the body; ask a dozen energy healing practitioners how to do that, and you’ll get a dozen different answers! As an energy healing practitioner myself, I know quite a number of different ways. I’ve had  clearings over the  years that have provided quite the explosively blissful experiences and cleared me head to toe and throughout my energy fields.

So, do you see my words? “Explosively blissful”? Sound familiar?

Yep. Orgasms, too! What an excuse to have more of them!

There are various methods in different tantric texts that talk about how to utilize orgasmic energy while discouraging the  actual attaining of orgasm, claiming the  energy “gets wasted”; however, I’ve found that fully allowing the orgasm and fully directing in the body and energy body is just as effective. Why not have our cakes and eat it, too?

Though I run through this easily, I don’t say it lightly! Many will disagree with me; however, this is another “tradition” that it’s time to change… because our utilization of energy has changed. And my understanding is that sex – in whatever  form – is sacred  when treated with consciousness.

Step One is learning how to pull in a full body orgasm; then, after that, you can intentionally utilize the orgasms to clear blockages, open chakras, bring about creation energy (duh, right?)… the possibilities are endless!

I recommend you start with practicing on your own (self-play and arousal), so you can just focus on you while you’re getting comfortable with this practice.

Here is a basic technique:

1. Set yourself up in a nourishing environment. Where and how do you feel like a fully sexual being? As this is all you in the beginning, do it all for you! Toys or no toys… whatever turns you on.

2. While  you are becoming sexually aroused, focus on deep, slow breathing. This might feel counterintuitive at first, but it actually helps you pull energy through your body, and it does allow for gradual buildup.

3. Touch yourself, from your toes up to your head. Really feel your body! Love it exactly as it is right now, right this moment… including the arousal it’s providing. Do you like the sensation of your nipples pinched? Running fingers up from your belly to your neck? Do it; allow your pleasure.

4. Continue focusing on deep, slow breathing, even as arousal grows.

5. Edge yourself. Bring yourself to a point where you’re… just… about… there… and STOP! Breath even more into  it, take the energy of the “almost” and pull that through your body while you feel the sensations.

6. Bring yourself to the edge 5 or 6 times. See how close you can come without having the orgasm… and practice feeling that energy as it flows through you!

7. Now, as you come into climax, keep breathing deeply… and as the orgasmic energy begins to peak, pull it through your body. If you’re familiar with the chakras, pull it up consciously through your chakras; if not, simply imagine a column of energy going through the center off your body, and pull the energy up through that with your breathing, all the way up through and out of the top of your head.

8. Breathe, and let the energy distribute. Feel it, welcome it!

9. Practice often!

Once you’ve gotten that down, you can move on to some other intentional practices. Personally, I love what is called the Ancient Egyptian Orgasm/Ankh technique from the Mystic Schools of Isis; the Ancient Egyptians were pretty serious about the sacredness of the orgasm! I’ll cover that on another day…

Eventually, you can incorporate that into your partnered intimacy, too. The possibilities are endless, and there are ways to consciously do that with your partner, while still focusing on that direction of energy within yourself. When you’re both intertwining your energies and pulling them through together, WOW!

Baby steps first! Get the feel for this, because you’ll find it will help in many ways you didn’t even realize it could, physically, mentally, and energetically.

Now, go love – I mean, clear – yourself! Practice up, and in a few weeks, I’ll follow up with the next step: Doing an energy clearing using the full body orgasm. Stay tuned…








~ Consciousness

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