We’d been in a conversation with others in an online community about e-stim play, and decided to look into it… after all, why not add some extra stimulation with a little shock to add into our repertoire?

In the original conversation we’d had, the discussion was around the e-stim pad (like what you would see at a physical therapist’s office). However, we did some research, and decided we’d have more fun starting with the Zeus Electrosex Twilight High Frequency Violet Wand Kit PLUS the Kinklab Power Tripper. (NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post/ad and has no connection to the company; we’re simply exploring and reporting on our own and sharing our experience!) 

We definitely weren’t disappointed!! They’re great fun and satisfying to use.

Zeus Electrosex Twilight High Frequency Violet Wand Kit

The Violet Wand Kit has the standard 4 wands and the device itself; each wand offers a different amount and kind of output and focal point of the electricity as it jumps to the recipient’s body. There’s also a knob on the base device that allows you to adjust the amount of electricity being run through. I ran it along Consciousness’ body, including her sensitive areas, and she loved it; even better with her bound during a scene! She says it feels similar to mild knife play, and really enhances the sensitivity and intensity during arousal; especially as I ran it over sensitive points while she was orgasming!

Really the only con I can say about this is that it is a plug-in. The cord can be limiting in some ways; and we had to use an extension cord with it. The ozone smell from the electricity being produced took a little getting used to, but it wasn’t overpowering. Otherwise, A+!

Rating (out of 5 dildos):



Kinklab Power Tripper

On to the power Power Tripper. Now, THIS IS a trip! It allows the body of the “stimulator” to become the electrical conduit; fingers and any touch point (yes, that’s right, the entire body) becomes the “wand” to the recipient. The power tripper plugs into the base unit of the wand, and the flat metal piece had to be up against my skin.  We tried it out on each other as a dry run to get a feel for how it works.

Consciousness said it was a bit uncomfortable and edgy (which we love)… and VERY different for her! It left tingles in both of us well after we stopped playing. It is quite intense; we’re going to play with it in baby steps for a bit to see how it best works for us. Potentially, having sex with that might be quite an experience… think about it! The biggest con to this piece is that person “giving” has to have that metal strip attached to the wand against their skin, so without clothes on, that’s a challenge. Stay tuned for more on our experiences with that!

Rating: TBD


We purchased both right on Amazon. (In fact, related to this, we saw there’s an e-stim flogger that plugs in to that that we’re curious about… hmm…)

We both recommend it! We WILL be using this regularly; lots of play potential! It’s definitely  something to add into edginess; there are other higher voltage toys, including zappers of all kinds, but this is a great starter to get used to e-stim in pleasure/pain play. (Of course, read all of the directions and warnings BEFORE play!)

Next up in this arena, we’ll definitely be trying out some of the e-stim rope we’ve seen out there… could potentially take our rope bondage to an entirely new level! Stay tuned…












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