Kink and Consciousness... Forbidden or Fundamental?Which is it to you?

We still have so much “hidden in plain sight” in the dramatic play of our sexuality. And yet, because many cultures and religions have such a long history of holding sexuality as a power tool (figuratively and literally), we look away, gasp, giggle… all with discomfort. We whisper about it behind closed doors… or we simply do a Google search and then promptly delete evidence of the search. Or we hide behind passwords, Incognito Windows tabs…. you name it.

I’ve found that many individuals today seem to either minimize the importance of sex (let alone conscious sex), whether in relationships or not. Many in long-term relationships and marriages have put sex to  the side, believing (due to cultural and religious influence) that it’s “not all that important.” On the other extreme, we’ve also gotten into such a habit of using it as a power tool without consciousness that it’s also become desensitized and empty.

So much energy wasted in suppressing and/or ignoring a KEY part of our consciousness journey!

There are some parts of the spiritual community that dabble in sexuality via the term “tantra” – which is a great step – and yet that is again a perception of sexuality through the eyes of a belief system, with certain rules, guidelines, and expectations from that belief system.

Free Your Body, Mind, and Consciousness to allow for sexual and spiritual integrationSince you’ve landed here, I’m asking you to free your body, free your mind, free your heart, and free your consciousness! Let’s look at ALL of it, and how it fits into the bigger picture: how our body, our energies, and our sexuality not only fit so crucially into relationships, within ourselves and with others, but  also how sexuality of all kinds – when done in consciousness – can potentially be an incredible tool to resolution and healing, and also help us to open up into  our  most  powerful, Divine Self!

This Website  has been a long time coming. Kink and I have been talking about getting it started for more than a year, and I’ve been talking about all kinds of sexuality in my consciousness practice and energy healing work, with clients and students, for more than a decade. The further along I go, the more I’ve realized that it’s not just an option; it’s a necessary part of our consciousness journey… and there’s SO MUCH to explore once we take the judgment out of what that’s “supposed” to look like!

Kink DOES go along with consciousness!Yet relatively few are talking about it in this context… let alone taking the kink out of the closet and talking about thatYep, that includes BDSM, toys, scenes, and more.

So that’s what we’re here to do! And, in consciousness, it actually has helped us both to grow in so many unexpected ways… all the while through a lot of fun!

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More to come…








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